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Yoga Goals: 5 Tips for Tracking Yoga Progress

A lot of our yogis often ask us the best way to track their yoga progress. This quick guide gives you 5 simple ways you can keep an eye on your yoga goals, whether that is to improve your balance, work on stretches for flexibility or strengthen your core muscles. However, we must remember that yoga is a personal journey and each of our goals will vary from one person to the next. There is no need to compare yourself to any other yogi and building up daily yoga practices, for whatever reason, takes time. Though our yoga training and goals may vary, there are some simple ways that we have found that help us to monitor the success, improvement,...

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Best Yoga App 2019: Free Yoga Apps

If you’re looking for the best free yoga apps for 2019 then you’ve come to the right place. MatMat has produced a summary of the best yoga workout, meditation and fitness apps in one handy little summary. MatMat does not currently work in affiliation with any of the following apps, these are true reviews from user experience, and we think that you’ll app-solutely love them (we promise that’s the only corny joke)!   Let’s get started!   Daily Yoga – Workout & Fitness: Most Popular Yoga App Price: FREE download and limited free version – premium in app services Yoga Level: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Routines Link:   Daily Yoga has been voted best yoga app for 5 years running by Healthline and is critically acclaimed by The Wall...

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