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Yogi Social Agenda 2019

If you have been wondering about the yogi social agenda for the year, we got you covered! Below we have compiled a calendar of the best and most exciting yoga events throughout the year for us yoga lovers. Get out those diaries and start penciling in the dates because these yoga events are not to be missed. February Yoga Games Stockholm, Sweden 08.-10.feb 2019 Yoga Games is the largest yoga event in Scandinavia and takes place in Stockholm, Gothenburg an Malmö (see dates below) For more information check out: March Elysia Yoga Convention Amorgos, Greece 29.march- 04.april The yoga festival is held on the island Amorgos which is known for its strong magnetic field as well as the revitalizing energy. It features...

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The Beginners Guide to the Different Types of Yoga

Are you new to yoga? Dont know which yoga to choose? When choosing a style of yoga, choose one that is in sync with your fitness level and personality. Also ask yourself what you want to achieve doing yoga: do you want to lose weight; improve mindfullness; relieve pain; lessen stress? Once you have these answers, check out the list below to find the right type of yoga for you.   Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is based on physical practice. It is a good “starter yoga” as the pace is slower than other styles. You hold poses for a few breaths and focus on meditation, breathing and postures. You also learn some relation techniques in this popular type of yoga. Iyengar Yoga Iyengar yoga is great...

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