MatMat Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

What are your mats made of?

Our mats are 100% eco friendly and made from natural rubber with a vegan microfibre suede top. They are printed with CMYK print.

How do I clean my MatMat?

The mat is machine washable alone or with detergent on a gentle cycle with cold water, but we recommend taking some extra care by wiping down your mat with a cloth or towel dipped in water and a little bit of laundry detergent. Do not use bleach or oils as these can damage your beautiful MatMat!

How often should I clean my mat?

We recommend that you wipe down your mat every 1-2 week under normal practice conditions. 

Why did you choose to suppert Wildlife Conservation Network?

We love animals. We can’t stand that they are suffering because of the way we threat our beautiful planet. So many unique and wonderful species have been made extinct or are on their way to becoming extinct. We want to help make this stop! We need to change our ways to co-habit our planet and the best way we can help is to “go green”. WCN is the number one rated wildlife conservation organization on Charity Navigator with a perfect score. Read more about them and the amazing work they do here:

Can I use the mat for all kinds of yoga?

Yes, the vegan microfibre suede topping is very absorbant and will not lose its grip even through sweaty practices like hot yoga.

Can the yoga mats be used by all levels of yogis?

Yes, our mats are 3mm thick and provide great cushioning for hips and knees whilst you are getting some ‘you time’ in practice. They are also great for high pressure poses like head stands and crows etc. 

Why should I invest in a yoga mat from MatMat?

It’s not just a pretty design that you get out of buying a MatMat. It’s an investment in your practice, care for your body, care for the planet and care for other animals that co-habit this earth. Our mats are 100% natural so you will not come into contact with any toxins which is great news for your skin. The mat is completely biodegradable and will not polute when its time for a fresh look, which is great news for the planet. In addition to this, your purchase prompts a 5% donation to the Wildlife Conservation Network.