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natural rubber yoga mat elephant design
eco friendly yoga mat elephant design

The Elephant Love | Natural Rubber Yoga Mat | Vegan Suede Surface

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All natural and eco-friendly yoga mat to uphold our care for the planet.
  • Cushioning natural rubber base for relieving the strain of those high-pressure poses
  • Absorbent and soft vegan suede microfibre top finish sustaining grip through sweat
  • Suitable for hot yoga practice, bikram, ashtanga, vinyasa and power yoga
  • PVC, latex, silicon free 
  • 5% of your mat sale go to Wildlife Conservation Network

Comes with black carrier strap.

Material: natural rubber with vegan micro-fibre suede top 

Dimensions: 183cm by 68cm by 0.35mm

Washing: We recommend hand washing our yoga mats with a cloth or towel and a little bit of laundry detergent

Long a symbol of love, power and strength, the elephant makes for a perfect reminder that with perseverance and patience you can bring peace to every yoga practice. Mastering yoga is a long journey and who better to guide us along your path than this beautiful, bright-blue, wizened elephant. Your blue elephant is striding forward on a purple vegan-suede background with decorative patterns at the top and foot of your natural-rubber and eco-friendly yoga mat. In addition, 5% of your Elephant Yoga Mat purchase is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network which works hard to help elephants and humans coexist and live in harmony.

Why buy a yoga mat from MatMat?

Have you ever been gently seated in a medatitive state and stopped to wonder about what it is that you´re seated on? Does the mat you invested in truly reflect your values and the teachings that yoga helps to bring to us all? Did the production of that mat damage our water systems, the environment or is it maybe even harmful in contact with your skin? Should you consider supporting a more mindful company that aces caring for the planet whilst providing a high-quality and beautiful yoga mat? Well, we´d like to think so!

*Our beautiful and eco-friendly yoga mats are made of natural rubber and have a vegan suedefinish. This ensures that you´re not touching any harmful chemicals.Exposure to PVC f ex , the material commonly used to make yoga mats, includes exposure to chlorinecarcinogens and carcinogenic chemicals which can result in all sorts of awful health complications.

*Our mats have been carefully chosen to give you the highest quality yoga mat: caring for you in your practice and caring for the planet during production. The mats have a 3mm natural-rubber base which cares for your elbows and joints as you work through your yoga practice. The eco-friendly micro fibre vegan-suede finish is super soft too, providing grip which also improves as you sweat. Rubber mats give much better cushioning and grip than PVC and TPE mats. Just look at the tests done here:

*We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and work hard to make sure that you absolutely love your yoga mat as much as we do.

*We donate 5% of every sale to the Wildlife Conservation Network.