MatMat Testimonials

Some of the professionals in the yoga world have been able to test our eco -friendly yoga mats. Here is what they say:

Laetitia  Bouffard Roupe

Yoga Teacher RYT500, Personal Fitness Trainer, Aerialist/Acrobat, Ballerina, Model


Instagram: @laetitia_channel_model

My first impression of the mat was that "this is a quality product". The design is so beautiful, I absolutely love it. What makes the mat stand our is the great grip and softness of the suede top. The mat is great for high pressure poses like handstands as it has great cushioning which is good for hands and knees. 

Jade SeTho

Jade is an international yoga teacher based on the island of Ibiza. Originally from London her yoga journey led her to Bali where she started her teaching career. Jade now teaches on retreats and workshops in between London and Ibiza and is the Co Founder of Move With Us Retreats. A unique wellbeing holiday company designed to offer unforgettable experiences that are a mixture of a relaxing getaway and a transformational yoga and fitness retreat.
Instagram: @jade_yoga_life
The yoga mats have a beautiful and classy design. The material and colours really makes the mat stand out and for me it is important that the mat is eco- friendly because we all need to make changes individually to change the planet as a whole. The best things about the mat during practice are the grip and feel. It is so soft and the grip actually became better through sweaty practices. I feel very supported through my entire practice.
eco friendly yoga mat
Genesis Guerrero
Yoga lover, Yoga teacher and travel enthusiast.
Instagram: @yoga_karlet
My first impression when I recieved my mat were thow amazing the colors are. The mat is exactly as shown in the pictures. I absolutely love the summer vibe. The material is really soft to the touch, you could almost sleep on it, and has great grip. This gives you the safety to take your practice to the next level. For me it is important to invest in a more eco friendly mat because when you practice yoga, you become more aware to of your connection with the world.. and more awake to respect it. So in the long run it is worth buying a yoga mat that will not end up a contaminent for the system that you respect so much. This mat gives the ultimate grip and support with a very attractive design that any yogi would love.



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