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Way too often, here at MatMat, we see people slip and slide in yoga class on their PVC mats that don't give any support, slide and curl up and are filled with toxic materials. It is time to take your yoga practice to the next level. No more slip and slide while you practice. It is our mission to help change the yoga world by offering quality eco friendly yoga mats that don't have any negative impacts on you or your practice.  We also have a wide range of beautiful yoga blankets.

Time to feel and look great in class! If you are looking for yoga attire, we also have a wide range of yoga clothes including hot yoga clothing, yoga tops, yoga leggings, yoga shorts, yoga bras and yoga sets. Our cute yoga clothes will give you confidence to shine while you practice and encourage you to practice on those days when stepping on your mat is a little harder. So brows through all our trendy yoga sports bras, beautiful yoga sets, stretching yoga leggings,comfy yoga pants, quick dry yoga tops ands supportive yoga shorts. 

We also offer all the extra yoga stuff you might need for your practice such as yoga accessories like yoga block, trapezes, wheels and bags, yoga decor and meditation props.

MatMat is your go-to for all things yoga! And don't forget, we have free international shipping!

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MatMat donates 5% of all sales to Wildlife Conservation Network


MatMat gives you everything you need for your yoga practice. Everything from the best yoga mats to the best clothes, yoga accessories and yoga props. All orders from MatMat come with free shipping.

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