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How is your yoga practice going everyone? Whether you are a newbie to the yoga world or already have years of practice and those handstands are just a walk in the park, It is nice to keep on track with the latest yoga trends too.

Here are our top three must-have yoga products right now:

Black and gold TPE yoga mat

Even though the days get lighter and the nights get shorter, we are obsessed with these dark black and gold yoga mats. There is something so satisfying with the colour combination and we feel so classy and content when we practice on these. We are pretty sure every intent on a yoga pose looks just like the yoga pros on Instagram on these. Not only pleasing on the eyes, but these mats have a good grip and are eco-friendly too. 

eco friendly yoga mat

 If you struggle with sweaty hands while you practice or just prefer a natural rubber mat, explore our natural rubber yoga mats.


Turquoise Yoga Clothes

When we think of the colour turquoise we think of those long white beaches that blend with the sea in a turquoise delight. And we transport this calmness into our practice. The colour also goes very well with a tanned skin so this is the ultimate yoga attire for the spring and summer:

Seamless Sling Top Hot Yoga Set

This yoga set comes with a sleeveless crop top and high waisted stretching yoga shorts. This is the perfect bikram yoga outfit all year round or the perfect set for a practice in the warming sun.

best yoga clothing online


Seamless Crop Top And Shorts Yoga Set

This yoga set consists of a stretching short sleeve crop top and high waisted yoga shortsIt is also available in other colours.

best turquoise yoga clothing

Seamless Strap Detail Yoga Set

Yoga set consisting of comfortable yoga bra with built-in shelf and high waisted yoga leggings.


best yoga clothing online

Dreamy yoga wheel

Every yoga should have a yoga wheel for those deep backbends that stretch the spine and releases stress and stiffness. So why not stretch on a dreamy wheel like this one? This yoga wheel has the chakras on the inner ring and a non-slip suede surface with dreamy print on the outer ring. 

suede top yoga wheel

Find more of our trendy yoga clothes and gear.

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