7 Best Yoga YouTube Channels - Yoga and Meditation Videos

Looking for the best yoga YouTube channels in 2019? 

MatMat have it covered from the best restorative meditation and yoga videos to yin yoga YouTube videos.

Yoga beginners or full-blown yogi masters use YouTube now to connect with the wider yoga community.

 Let’s jump in to MatMat's picks for home yoga practice:

     1. Yoga with Adriene: Best Home Yoga Instructor

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

 Adriene Mishler is probably the biggest yoga star on YouTube with over 4million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views on her videos.

 Adriene is so likeable, often interjecting with funny little comments mid poses. “Yoga with Adriene” was the most googled yoga workout in 2019.

 Her videos vary in content and in yoga style – Our personal favourites are her 30-day yoga challenges which encourage you to join a global community for 30 days on a spiritual and physical journey.

 So, if you are looking for a yoga practice online, make sure to check out Adriene who is also one of our favourites.

  1. Boho Beautiful: Best Visual Yoga Videos Online

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

If you are missing the sun and want some amazing images when you practice, Boho Beautiful is the yoga YouTube channel for you.

Boho Beautiful has more than 1million subscribers and offers beginner and advanced yoga filmed in stunning locations that are so easy on the eye.

Boho Beautiful wants to change and motivate people’s perceptions of possibility, which is something we at MatMat love.

If you need to take yourself out of the grey office environments, then take a look at Boho Beautiful’s channel.

 3.SarahBethYoga: Best Yoga Practice at Home

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

SarahBethYoga has more than 400,000 followers and is a clean-cut yoga channel. 

Here you can find a variety of yoga practices for home.

There is a great range of content ranging from: power yoga, yoga for flexibility, yoga for when you are sick

Go check out their channel and see what interesting things you can find! 

  1. PsycheTruth: Best Balanced Yoga Content Channel

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

PsycheTruth has over 2 million subscribers and offers a variety of yoga practices. 

They also have helpful videos for mind control, weight loss and nutrition. As we all know, it is one thing to pay attention to the physical activity that you fill your day with. However, it is equally important to combine this with healthy eating. 

Check out PsycheTruth for a balanced offering of yoga content. 

  1. Alo Yoga: Best Ethical Yoga Initiative  

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

Many know Alo Yoga for their super cool yoga clothing, but they offer yoga practices you can do at home too on YouTube. 

They have over 150 000 subscribers and offer numerous yoga flows. 

They also just announced Also Gives: A fantastic non-profit foundation that brings yoga to kids and underserved communities.  

MatMat gives a big high five as we are the biggest fans of giving back. 

  1. Yoga with Kassandra: Best Yin Yoga YouTube Channel 

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

If you’re looking for Vinyasa and Yin YouTube Videos – Kassandra has you! 

Yoga with Kassandra has almost 250 000 subscribers and offers weekly Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes for all experience levels. We find Yoga with Kassandra’s videos to be immensely retoratative. 

  1. Tara Stiles: Best Yoga YouTube Channel Reputation 

best yoga youtube channels for home practice

Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga which is a global studio and training business with currently over 1000 instructors in 15 countries. 

She was one of the first YouTube users for yoga and lifestyle content and her YouTube channel has around 320 000 subscribers. 

Here you can find short yoga flows of 10-15 minutes if you want to get a quick round on your mat. 

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