Our Planet: The Netflix Series that will Change Your Life

Netflix latest documentary release has us completely gripped: Our Planet, a natural world documentary series produced by the makers of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, has a strong warning for humans’ environmental impact.

David Attenborough has once again contributed a magical narration to, quite honestly, the most beautiful nature footage that has ever been produced.

If you’re looking for a suggestion on Netflix documentaries, then check out this new David Attenborough series on nature, environmental protection and climate change.

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A Natural World Masterpiece

In stunning HD footage, which captures the details of life down to the finest hair, Our Planet is a masterpiece that shows us endangered species from every corner of the planet.

From the turquoise glow of the upside-down world in the frozen arctic oceans, to the scorched flamingo habitats which force 50km treks for fresh water, Our Planet documents it all.

However, the series has something far more gut wrenching to offer viewers.

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A Grave Warning from Our Planet

As Attenborough himself explains, “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?.

In Attenborough’s usual quintessential tone, he urges us all to recognise our environmental impact on the planet that now moves at a faster rate than ever before with no signs that it is slowing down.

The grave message acknowledges the equilibrium that our planet is able to survive within, and that the current rate of climate change is having detrimental impacts on a plethora of wildlife.

Extinction, climate change and environmental issues continue to accelerate towards the point of no return. 

We have to act now.

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Save Our Planet - Stop and Think:

  1. Have I stopped listening to the outcry from environmental scientists?

  2. Do I want to see the continued loss of our most beautiful species?

  3. Am I aware of the seriously damaging activities that I carry out on a daily basis?

  4. Are there simple changes I can make to my day to day life?

  5. Can I start a local movement for eco-conscious consumption?

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MatMat’s Message – So Do Better

Your first step is to watch Our Planet on Netflix. We cannot recommend the new series highly enough.

The time to begin to reduce our environmental impact is now.

It’s paramount that we begin to work on environmental protection, environmental management and sustainability.

There is an abundance of resources out there to point you in the direction of eco-friendly consumption.

MatMat is committed to doing everything that we possibly can to aid the environmental protection charity the Wildlife Conservation Network. That’s why every purchase you make with MatMat prompts a 5% donation to this fantastic charity.

Our Planet is a must watch Netflix documentary series that has a profound and lasting message about how we must act now to save our beautiful natural world.

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