What should I wear to yoga class?

Are you going to start practice yoga and wonder what you should wear to your first yoga class?

When it comes to choosing what to wear to a yoga class, comfort and mobility should be the top priorities. You want to be able to move freely and easily without any distractions, so it's important to choose clothing that allows for this. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect outfit for your yoga class:

  • Wear lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, or moisture-wicking materials. These will help to keep you cool and comfortable during your practice.

  • Opt for form-fitting clothing that won't get in the way of your movements. Loose clothing can get in the way or even get caught on your limbs as you move through different poses.

  • Choose clothing that won't ride up or fall down during inversions. This can be especially important for women, as loose or low-waisted pants can be distracting during certain poses.

  • Consider wearing layers, especially if you tend to get cold in air-conditioned studios. A lightweight long-sleeve shirt or sweater can be easily removed if you start to get too warm.

  • As for footwear, it's generally best to leave your shoes at the door and practice in bare feet. This allows for a better connection to the mat and helps to improve balance. If you do need to wear shoes to and from the studio, opt for a pair that is easy to slip on and off.


Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. Yoga is about finding a sense of inner peace and focus, and what you wear can play a role in helping you achieve this.

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