Why a MatMat is the best Yoga Mat on the Market

Pause for thought...

Have you ever been gently seated in a medatitive state and stopped to wonder about what it is that you´re seated on? Does the mat you invested in truly reflect your values and the teachings that yoga helps to bring to us all? Did the production of that mat damage our water systems, the environment or is it maybe even harmful in contact with your skin? Should you consider supporting a more mindful company that aces caring for the planet whilst providing a high-quality and beautiful yoga mat? Well, we´d like to think so!

What´s different about a MatMat?

Our beautiful and eco-friendly yoga mats are made of natural rubber and have a vegan suede finish. This ensures that you´re not touching any harmful chemicals whilst you push back into that downward dog. We care about all the beautiful yogis out there more than anything and we dread to think of the number of people currently rubbing their hands into harmful chemicals.

eco friendly yoga mat

Is exposure to PVC really that bad?

Exposure to PVC f ex , the material commonly used to make yoga mats, includes exposure to chlorinecarcinogens and carcinogenic chemicals which can result in all sorts of awful health complications. As horrendous as it may be, it is necessary to accept that the toxins in PVC have also been linked to cancer. It´s not all doom and gloom, making the choice to use ecofriendly products is proven to improve quality of life and you´ll avoid all of those nasty health problems that come with a PVC mat.

eco friendly yoga mat

Time for change

Our mats have been carefully chosen to give you the highest quality yoga mat: caring for you in your practice and caring for the planet during productionThe mats have a 3mm natural-rubber base which cares for your elbows and joints as you work through your yoga practice. The eco-friendly micro fibre vegan-suede finish is super soft too, providing grip which also improves as you sweat. Rubber mats give much better cushioning and grip than PVC and TPE mats. Just look at the tests done here:




A MatMat is a sturdy and high-quality base for your yoga practice and we think it’s the best out there on the market right now. We are very proud of our selection of mats and love how they look, how they feel and what they stand for. We hope you do too! 

high quality yoga mat

Dedicated Service

Your MatMat is a lifelong investment and we will be with you for all of it. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and work hard to make sure that you absolutely love your MatMat as much as we do. We are available to you for any questions, queries or advice that you might need before getting your mat.

The Ripple Effect

If you´re still sitting on the fence about MatMat being the best yoga mat on the market, then maybe this last detail will be what convinces you. MatMat donates 5% of every sale to the Wildlife Conservation Network (https://wildnet.org/). The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) is dedicated to protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats and support innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. The WCN has a perfect score on the Charity Navigator which you can check out herehttps://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=11563

matmat donates 5% to WCN

The Perfect All Rounder

If you missed any of the details through that summary of why a MatMat is the best yoga mat on the market, here is a handy summary: MatMat´s use eco-friendly materials which care for you and the planet; MatMat´s have better grip, cushioning and feel during practice; MatMat´s don´t put you in contact with any harmful chemicals that could impact your health; a MatMat is a lifelong investment that comes with a lifetime of dedicated service; your purchase prompt a 5% donation to the Wildlife Conservation Network.

natural rubber yoga mat


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