Yoga Props For Beginners

December is well underway and before we know it, Christmas is here and so are all the feasts and buckets of treats. And then January hits and we have to switch the Christmas pudding for a salad or a smoothie. 

Maybe your new year's resolution is to start yoga? Maybe 2020 is the year where you focus on yourself and being more mindful? If you are wondering what to wear to those yoga classes you are starting the new year off with, or which yoga accessories you should invest in, MatMat has compiled a list of helpful tips to help you start your yoga journey right.

Yoga Clothes

Are you wondering what is ok to wear during a yoga class? As a newbie to yoga you probably already feel a bit stressed about entering the yoga class not knowing quite what to do and where to put yourself. So, you might want to be sure you have the outfit right so you can faceplant during the first pose in style at least. 

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The most important thing when it comes to yoga clothing is that it is stretching and comfortable.

 Yoga leggings are perfect as they are comfortable and stretching so you can move in and out of poses without having to adjust them. A supportive yoga bra is a must so you make sure everything is in place and doesn’t pop out for a peek while in downward dog.

You might want to throw a yoga top over that bra. When it comes to footwear some comfortable sneakers or trainers are good too and from class. Yoga is practised without shoes so make sure those socks don’t have every toe peaking out. 

Explore a wide selection of cute yoga outfits.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a must-have if you take your yoga practice serious. There are many different mats out there with everything from PVC mats to natural rubber mats.

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Our advice is to at least opt for an eco-friendly mat. The PVC mats out there tend to slip and slide all over the place and not give you any support and cushioning while you practice. They also contain harmful chemicals that might be absorbed by your skin. There are so many affordable eco-friendly mats that we don’t understand why people still go for the PVC ones. MatMat has a wide selection of natural rubber yoga mats and jute, TPE and cork yoga mats.

Yoga Accessories

There are lots of yoga accessories to aid your practice and here is a list of the most used ones. 

Yoga Blankets.

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A yoga blanket is yogi's best friend and has many uses. It can be used for warmth when you finish your yoga practice in savasana, but also for support under joins like f ex knees while you practice for extra cushioning. A yoga blanket can also be used for alignment in poses, this can be especially helpful for beginners. Explore some beautiful yoga blankets.

Yoga Blocks. 

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Yoga blocks can be used as extensions for your arms to settle the body in poses and also bring you closer to the floor while stretching. They can also help you with the balance in standing hand-to-floor poses. Yoga blocks come in a variety of materials like wood, cork and TPE material. For tips on how to use yoga blocks, watch this youtube video

Yoga Wheels. 

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Yoga wheels are perfect to stretch the spine, assist in deep backbends and aid in flexibility. It can help and challenge your balance and open the front side of the body. 

Yoga Bags.

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Yoga bags are practical bags that are specially made to fit your yoga mat and other things you need to bring to your practice like a towel, water bottle, keys and phone. 

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