Yogi Social Agenda 2019

If you have been wondering about the yogi social agenda for the year, we got you covered! Below we have compiled a calendar of the best and most exciting yoga events throughout the year for us yoga lovers. Get out those diaries and start penciling in the dates because these yoga events are not to be missed.


Yoga Games Stockholm, Sweden 08.-10.feb 2019

Yoga Games is the largest yoga event in Scandinavia and takes place in Stockholm, Gothenburg an Malmö (see dates below)

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Elysia Yoga Convention Amorgos, Greece 29.march- 04.april

The yoga festival is held on the island Amorgos which is known for its strong magnetic field as well as the revitalizing energy. It features honorary yoga teachers from all over the world.

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Yoga games Gothenburg, Sweden 25.-27.october

Yoga Games is the largest yoga event in Scandinavia and takes place in Stockholm, Gothenburg an Malmö ( see dates below)

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Ibiza Spirit Festival, Ibiza, Spain 28.april 2019

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go to local charities. Entrance Eur 

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Yoga Conference Germany, Cologne. 30.may- 02.june

Another fantastic and celebrated yoga event! This will be the 15th year the Yoga Conference has been running and will be filled with asana workshops, music, readings, lectures and community.

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Meadows in the Mountains, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria 06.-09.june

Meaddows in the mountains is a live acts yoga event that gathers performers, Djs and visitors form around the globe and also is home to spirituality, workshops, educational talks, yoga classes and more.

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World Yoga Festival, Reading, Uk 18.-21.july

A celebration of postures, Meditation and Non-Duality.

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Barcelona Yoga Conference, Barcelona, Spain 04.-08.july

An open-hearted gathering for yoga lovers with world-leading yoga teachers and musical artists, creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.

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Bliss Beat Festival, Sezzadio, Italy 18.-21. July

Music is the focus but this yoga event also includes yoga classes, meditation, silent warrior and rural tribe workshops.

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3HO Europe, Benasque, Mur-De-Sologne, France 27.july-04.august

This yoga event is definitely not one to be missed! Around 2000 people come together for 8 days of yoga, workshops, dance, song and fun.

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Soul Circus, GLouchester, UK 16.-18. August

This yoga festival offers yoga sessions, spas, dj sets and local food.

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Genova Yoga Festival, Genova, Italy. 05.-09- September

The yoga festival offers 4 days of yoga with 48 workshops, music, Om chanting and Djs.

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Yoga Games, Malmö Sweden. 25.-27. October 

Yoga Games is the largest yoga event in Scandinavia and takes place in Stockholm, Gothenburg an Malmö ( see dates below)

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The BWY London Yoga Festival, London, United Kingdom 12.-13. October

Another yoga event to add to the diary! A celebration of the richness and diversity of Yoga with yoga classes, speakers and teachers.

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Om Yoga Show London, London, United Kingdom. 18.-20.october

Here’s a fantastic yoga event to keep in mind when scheduling. The Om yoga Show offers yoga classes, work shops and over 200 echibitors providing a range of yoga accessories, clothing, jewellery, super food, retreats and more. 

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Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival 2019, Stockholm, Sweden. 01.-03. November

Our final yoga event addition to our social agenda for yoga lovers. On their 8th year they invite you for a weekend with yoga, dance, meditation, lectures, wellness bazaar and live music.

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