A Helpful Guide on What Thickness of Yoga Mat to Buy

Totally lost on what thickness yoga mat to buy?

Don´t worry!

We have you covered with our helpful guide on what thickness of yoga mat to buy.

When buying a new yoga mat you should do a little researchYou should consider two things first:

  1. Material: When considering material we would of course recommend you to go for an eco-friendly option. As this is better for the planet and avoids any exposure for you to toxins from f ex. PVC mats. You can find some beautiful option for natural rubber yoga mats here: https://matmatshop.com/blogs/yoga-matters/why-a-matmat-is-the-best-yoga-mat-on-the-market


  1. Thickness: The thickness of the mat varies and helps with cushioning and support. When it comes to thickness there are a few things to think about in terms of performance too. Yoga mats thickness usually vary between 1mm and 7mm. A good mat which can be used for varied yoga practices is usually 3mm thick.

Should I get a thinner mat to make it easier to carry?

1mm yoga mats are perfect if you want to do yoga on the go, as they are easy to bring with you and they are easily folded to take no room in your suitcase or bag.

But is it going to provide enough support?

Probably not.

A standard 3mm thick yoga mat is perfect for pretty much any practice, from a gentle Hatha class to a flowing Vinyasa class. Also, if your practice varies a lot, a standard 3 mm mat covers all your needs. 

What about a thicker mat?

Thicker mats are usually better for restorative and Yin classes where you spend a lot of time laying down and seated. The thickness can reduce your ability to move with flow and so finding the perfect balance between support and ability to move is the key here.

Your tolerance for feeling the floor on your joints is also something to think of when choosing a mat. Your sensitive areas across the body can find some poses a little rough if you´re practicing on a thin mat. For example, the tailbone might need more cushioning when practicing saving you from grazing the ground in floor poses.

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