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If you’re looking for the best free yoga apps for 2019 then you’ve come to the right place. MatMat has produced a summary of the best yoga workout, meditation and fitness apps in one handy little summary.

MatMat does not currently work in affiliation with any of the following apps, these are true reviews from user experience, and we think that you’ll app-solutely love them (we promise that’s the only corny joke)!


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  1. Daily Yoga – Workout & Fitness: Most Popular Yoga App

Price: FREE download and limited free version – premium in app services

Yoga Level: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Routines


 Best yoga app 2019

Daily Yoga has been voted best yoga app for 5 years running by Healthline and is critically acclaimed by The Wall Street Journal.

The app boasts 500+ Asanas, 200+ guided classes, pilates, and a selection of guided meditation practices. This makes it the app with one of the largest selections of material in MatMat’s list.

Daily Yoga also offer a series for specific goals like “Getting Toned” and “Mindfulness Everyday” which we found fantastic for bringing targeted focus to our routines.


  1. Find What Feels Good - Yoga with Adriene: Best Yoga Instructor and App Interface

Price: FREE download and variety of free resources – premium in app services

Yoga Level: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Routines


 Best yoga app 2019

Adriene continues to be the most popular yoga instructor on the planet and here at MatMat we absolutely adore her!

The quality of her app matches the quality of her YouTube channel (click here for more on the best yoga YouTube channels) with 100+ hours of yoga videos. Airplay is also available for you to beam videos directly to your tv from Find What Feels Good.

Yoga with Adriene and Find What Feels Good makes it particularly easy to ease into yoga and move gently from beginner to advanced yoga sessions.

We had to give Adriene credit here for a beautiful interface and design on the app – it really is stunning! If dreamy turquoise colours is your thing, you might also like this .


  1. Yoga for Beginners – Mind + Body: Best Yoga App for Beginners

Price: All Workouts are FREE! Premium Services Available in App.

Yoga Level: Beginner

 Best yoga app 2019

Yoga for Beginners is MatMat’s pick if you’re just getting started in the yoga world and need a way to start building up your body’s strength.

All workouts are 100% free which is great new for those of you on a tight budget!

The app offers a wide variety of workouts with voice guidance in yoga classes to make you feel that little bit more secure as you’re getting used to the poses.

The app also integrates with Apple Health to track workouts calories and weight if you’re interested in keeping tabs on your health and progress.

If you want more beginner material like a guide to the different types of yoga, click here.


  1. Down Dog – Great Yoga Anywhere: Best Yoga Community

Price: FREE to download. Pro-membership for a premium price.

Yoga Level: Beginner to Advanced


 Best yoga app 2019

Down Dog App provides customizable yoga practices that really allow you to build yoga practices a-la-carte. This gives you more control over the style and type of practice you’re looking to do.

The app offers a 3 day intro to yoga series which is great for beginners to get warmed up and work their way in to yoga. Also, if you’re just getting started and want to skip over to where to find the best yoga mat on the market – that’s right here!

The app also offers targeted sections for back pain if you suffer with any sort of difficulty in this area of your body.

There are some special features with Down Dog which we found particularly handy. You can choose from 7 different voices to really tailor your auditive experience and you can download yoga practices so that you can also access them offline.

Make sure to check out Down Dog’s fb community page here as well as we give Down Dog a round of applause for building a supportive community that helps grow your yogi abilities.


  1. Asana Rebel - HIIT Yoga Workouts: Best Yoga Fitness App

Price: FREE workouts but a little limited in choices. Premium option in app.

Yoga Level: Intermediate – Advanced


 Best yoga app 2019

Asana Revel offers a wide range of intense yoga workouts which really get the body working hard and the sweat will start to flow. If you’re looking for something that provides a little more heat in your yoga practice this is the one for you!

Like Find What Feels Good, Asana Revel also has a very pretty interface and design making for a user-friendly experience.

The App sets personal goals and allows you to monitor progress throughout so that you can keep a record on how you’re getting along.

On feature we did really love about Asana revel was that it also keeps you up to speed on the Yoga industry’s latest news.


  1. Yoga Wave: Workout and Poses

Price: FREE Download. Premium Services in App.

Yoga Level: Beginner to Advanced


 Best yoga app 2019

Yoga Wave is a well-balanced app that allows you to set personal goals such as: muscles, flexibility, relax or posture.

Offers a wide range of short workouts for those of you that are short on time and need to fit yoga sessions around other commitments that you have. If you’re looking for other ideas on how to relieve stress that you are experiencing in the office, click here.

The app offers a beautiful array of HD yoga video classes for you to follow along as and when it suits you.


  1. Headspace - Guided Meditation: Best App for Meditation

Price: FREE download and first 10 sessions. Premium Services in App.

Yoga Level: Novice/Beginner


 Best yoga app 2019

Headspace is not a yoga app per se, but we thought we should include it in this list. Headspace is fantastic for mind and soul connection which goes a long way in yoga practice.

The app offers guided meditation for daily checkout (or indeed as frequently as you would like).

They also offer specific guided meditation for stress, sleep or even grief/sadness. There are a whole range of fantastic meditation courses that you can run through to help you with different areas of your life.

A great feature that this app has is the ability to buddy up with friends that can go through the journey with you. I buddied up during a course and found that this was really a great way to bring you closer to someone. 

Headspace tracks progress through various soul-searching journeys in a really user-friendly interface.


  1. 5 Minute Yoga - Quick Yoga Workouts: Best Yoga App for People Short on Time

Price: FREE!

Yoga Level: Beginner – Intermediate

 Best yoga app 2019

This is the best yoga app for those of you with a very strict time schedule.

5 Minute Yoga has a wide selection of short workouts which really target the areas that you want to pay attention to.

The interface is very simple so no clunky tech that gets you stressed before you ever sit down on the yoga mat (we would love if it were ours?).

The clue is in the title and we found this ideal for those that are busy with work and don’t have time for a full yoga session.


  1. Calm: Meditation and Sleep Stories

Price: Free to download. Premium Services in App.

Yoga Level: Novice/Beginner

 Best yoga app 2019

Once again, in a similar way to Headspace, this is not a yoga app per se, but we thought it deserved a mention.

Calm won the Apple Award for App of the Year in 2017 and is still winning awards in 2019.

They offer guided sessions at customizable length: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes. That made it perfect to fit into any kind of schedule that you have for the day.

Well known celebrities, like Stephen Fry, Leona Lewis and Jerome Flynn, have also been recorded reading bedtime stories which we thought was a brilliant feature. 

The app also has sections for helping you break habits, building relationships and building self-esteem.

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