Yoga for Back Pain | Relieving Sciatica

Are you struggling with sciatica or lower back pain? 

Living with pain in your back can make day to day activities a living hell. Simple tasks like lifting things and sitting at a desk at work can become agonizing.

In this short guide MatMat shows you how yoga can help you ease your back pain and avoid you having to endure future pain. 

Yoga poses stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body which can release the pain you are feeling. 

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No more bad back, freedom to move and a gradual build-up of core strength. 

Note: MatMat advises that yoga should always be practiced carefully and with consideration for your body. Find what feels good and if any poses make the pain worse, then stop immediately. If severe pain persists then seek medical attention.

Yoga for Sciatica

Sciatica is usually caused by a compressed nerve in the lower spine. This can also be caused by a muscle or a bone and the pain is often described as intense, prolonged or a dull ache. 

The name Sciatica is given to the pain since it is caused by irritation to the sciatic nerve and is often distinguished with sharp pains shooting from your lower back and down your leg. 

Let’s give you something to start off easing those pains and gently build up some body strength. 

Easy Yoga for Sciatica:

Pigeon Pose

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Eye of the Needle Pose

Reclined Supine Twist

Seated Twist

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Cobra Pose

Bound Angle Pose

Downward Dog

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Extended Triangle Pose

Fire Log Pose

High Lunge Pose

Half Moon Pose

Bridge Pose 

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If you’re new to the practice and you need a little more guidance, why don’t you have Adrienne lead you through your first yoga practice by checking out her channel. If Adrienne’s videos aren’t the type of yoga you’re looking for then check out these other awesome yoga YouTube channels 

Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by several things. Everything from bad posture, strained muscles to a ruptured disc. 

The back and abdominal muscles are important components of the muscular network of the spine and help the body keep an upright posture and proper movement.  

When these muscles are well conditioned it can reduce and avoid back pain. 

Yoga isn’t good if you have severe back pain, but for those with occasional or chronic back pain, certain yoga poses can help stretch and strengthen your muscles and lengthen your spine and return your back to its proper alignment. 

For people with lower back pain, stretching is very important. Lower back stretches can ease the lower back pain you might be experiencing and start to condition the muscles for long-term muscle health. 

The stretching reduces tension in the muscles that can be caused by stress. Regular practice of yoga helps improve body alignment and posture, which helps the natural curve of the spine. This can reduce or prevent lower back pain. 

Easy yoga for lower back pain:

Childs Pose

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Cow Pose

Cat Pose

Two-Knee Spinal Twist

Downward Facing Dog

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Sphinx Pose

Reclined Pigeon Pose

Reclined Supine Twist

Extended Triangle

Seated Forward Fold Pose

Reclined Hamstring Pose

Cobra Pose

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Locust Pose

Bridge Pose

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If you want to follow a full yoga session you can find yoga for back pain on Youtube here 

and yoga for lower back pain here 

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