Yoga for Climbers: Take Climbing to New Heights

Yoga for climbers might seem like a strange activity at first glance.

When you break it down, it soon becomes clear why yoga can help your climbing activities reach new goals.

Whether you are freeclimbing or indoor rock climbing, signing up to the next local yoga class might be beneficial.

The article unpacks why yoga improves your climbing performance.

Need a yoga mat?

Yoga and Climbing – Sports for Physical Discipline

At the core of both yoga and climbing is physical discipline.

As climbers commit to becoming stronger to improve their climbing, this is tough on the body and can easily result in injuries. 

This is exactly where yoga can help.

Yoga gives you a strong core and good flexibility that can help your climbing and making those high-reaching moves without injury.

Yoga teaches all over strength, flexibility, core stability and control of your breathing. 

In addition, strengthening your fingertips, increasing shoulder flexibility and improve your agility helps improve your climbing performance.

“What type of yoga works best for climbing?”

The yoga world can be a little overwhelming for beginners.

MatMat has produced a handy guide on the different types of yoga for beginners so that you can begin to get your head around it.

If you’re just looking for some simple poses to get you started. We have that covered below!

Poses to improve your climbing:

Crescent Lunge – this yoga pose will strengthen your arms, legs, and core as you balance in an upright and extended position.

yoga for climbers

Warrior II – this yoga favorite increases endurance in your legs and strengthens arms and legs for that next extreme climb.

yoga for climbers

Chair Pose – a yoga pose that will give your arms and shoulders a solid workout to strengthen your pull as you work up those cliff edges.

yoga for climbers

Standing Forward Bend a simple yoga pose that stretches your hamstrings and reduces the risk of leg injury while climbing.

yoga for climbers

Eagle Pose – this advanced yoga pose stretches your back and opens your hips so that your body is unlocked when you take to the wall next.

yoga for climbers

Four-Limbed Staff Pose – this challenging pose strengthens core, arms, chest, and shoulders to build strength.

yoga for climbers

Toe Squat with Chest Opener – one of the best yoga poses for your feet and helps to open extreme compression.

yoga for climbers

                                                    Photocred: Pinterest

Downward Facing Dog – the yogi’s favorite elongates and releases tension in your spine and increases blood flow to the head.

yoga for climbers

Side Plank - a great yoga strengthener that tones arms and shoulders and works core to improve your climbing.

yoga for climbers

Bridge Pose  this final yoga pose strengthens muscles in the posterior and stretches and opens chest for an adventurous climb.

yoga for climbers


Yoga Videos for Climbing

If you want some YouTube videos to take you through a yoga practice, we have compiled some handy links for you below. Also check out the best yoga YouTube channels.

Everyone's favorite YouTube yoga teacher Adrienne is a great place to start if you’re new to the practice and need a gradual introduction:

If you’re looking for something more specialized and targeted, then check out this 30-minute yoga for rock climbers with Fightmaster Yoga:

If you are new to yoga, this video will get you started:

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