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Stress Management Techniques: Escape a Stressful Day at Work

So, you’ve had another stressful day at work and you’re looking for some stress management tips. Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve lined up 10 stress management techniques that will reduce anxiety and help you escape the stress at work.  The stress hormones are the same hormones that trigger your “fight or flight” response. This response is designed to protect you in an emergency by preparing you. When this happens day after day, it can put your health at risk so let’s walk you through some stress management techniques to help combat anxiety. Your stress levels are linked to your overall health and so it’s important that we take some time to manage stress symptoms and relieve...

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My Hot Yoga Class from Hell

Think you’ve suffered a yoga disaster? Well let me tell you about the hot yoga class where everything went wrong, and I mean everything. I came stepping, hopping and floating into the new year and decided to join a hot yoga session. Little did I know I’d get a little more heat than I bargained for, as the class burst into the fiery pits and became the hot yoga class from hell.   “New year, new yoga class”, I thought to myself, as I played over my positive mantra for 2019. I’d been thinking about joining a hot yoga class for some time: I was excited to try out my new eco-friendly yoga mat from MatMat, I’d been advised by...

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The Beginners Guide to the Different Types of Yoga

Are you new to yoga? Dont know which yoga to choose? When choosing a style of yoga, choose one that is in sync with your fitness level and personality. Also ask yourself what you want to achieve doing yoga: do you want to lose weight; improve mindfullness; relieve pain; lessen stress? Once you have these answers, check out the list below to find the right type of yoga for you.   Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is based on physical practice. It is a good “starter yoga” as the pace is slower than other styles. You hold poses for a few breaths and focus on meditation, breathing and postures. You also learn some relation techniques in this popular type of yoga. Iyengar Yoga Iyengar yoga is great...

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Why a MatMat is the best Yoga Mat on the Market

Pause for thought... Have you ever been gently seated in a medatitive state and stopped to wonder about what it is that you´re seated on? Does the mat you invested in truly reflect your values and the teachings that yoga helps to bring to us all? Did the production of that mat damage our water systems, the environment or is it maybe even harmful in contact with your skin? Should you consider supporting a more mindful company that aces caring for the planet whilst providing a high-quality and beautiful yoga mat? Well, we´d like to think so! What´s different about a MatMat? Our beautiful and eco-friendly yoga mats are made of natural rubber and have a vegan suede finish. This ensures...

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10 Reasons Yoga Should be your New Year´s Resolution and New Favourite ´Thing To Do´

So you’ve been thinking about starting yoga, but you’re not sure what the exact benefits are to making this your New Year’s resolution. Whatever your motivation in 2019, we can guarantee that making yoga your new favourite thing to do is a great investment for your mind, body, soul and even the people around you. Let’s get started on our top 10 reasons that yoga is the perfect resolution to kick-start your year: Reduce Stress - Make 2019 Stress Free   Well, we can´t promise that you´ll be totally stress free in the new year, but we can definitely promise that you´ll experience a serious reduction in stress levels. Yoga reduces stress by encouraging relaxation which helps lower stress hormones...

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