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The Best Yoga Clothes | Where to Buy Yoga Clothing

It can be difficult to find the best yoga clothes and where to buy them. Whether you are an experienced yogi or are thinking of starting the new year in a yoga retreat, it is no secret that a new yoga outfit might be the little extra boost you need to step on the mat. Are you wondering what to wear to a new yoga class? Do you need some new yoga clothing? Are you wondering where to buy some new leggings or a cute yoga set?

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Yoga & Fitness Retreat Mallorca 2020

Looking for a yoga retreat in Europe next year? Our friends at Move With Us Retreats offer a great getaway for everyone who is looking for a yoga retreat for 2020. Join them for their amazing yoga retreat n Mallorca: Transformational yoga & fitness getaways. Beautiful locations. Unforgettable experiences. 

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Yoga Gift Ideas | Yoga Christmas Presents

Looking for the perfect yoga gift this Christmas? The winter is upon us and it seems like only  yesterday we were on the beach in a warrior pose with tanned skin and wind-swept hair.  Suddenly, it’s Christmas and we need to start preparing our presents! 

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Yoga Poses for Pain Management – Restorative Yoga

So, you’re suffering with some body pain and you’re wondering “does yoga help with (insert body part) pain?”. You’ve come to the right place. Regular yoga practice can relieve chronic pain or tension by improving your range of motion, relaxing tense muscles and increasing muscle strength. Yoga can, if practiced with care, help with all kinds of pain. Everyone’s body is different, so if yoga helped your friend recover from chronic pain that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. MatMat advises that should you practice yoga with care and consideration for your body – do not push through pain, and if intense pain persists, seek medical aid. Yoga for Back Pain Looking for help with yoga for back pain? Back and abdominal muscles are essential...

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7 Yoga Clothes Trends for 2019

Wondering what the latest trends in yoga clothes are? Looking for some cute new yoga apparel? Or you just want some new cute yoga clothes for that yogi inspired look?   New to yoga? Maybe you are wondering what to wear to yoga class. There are some simple and cute and unique yoga outfits you can put together to keep your looks at their best in and out of the classes or studios.  Here are MatMat's favourite yoga outfits that will have you looking warrior fresh for your next practice: 

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