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7 Yoga Clothes Trends for 2019

Wondering what the latest trends in yoga clothes are? Looking for some cute new yoga apparel? Or you just want some new cute yoga clothes for that yogi inspired look?   New to yoga? Maybe you are wondering what to wear to yoga class. There are some simple and cute and unique yoga outfits you can put together to keep your looks at their best in and out of the classes or studios.  Here are MatMat's favourite yoga outfits that will have you looking warrior fresh for your next practice: 

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Yoga for Back Pain | Relieving Sciatica

Are you struggling with sciatica or lower back pain?  Living with pain in your back can make day to day activities a living hell. Simple tasks like lifting things and sitting at a desk at work can become agonizing. In this short guide MatMat shows you how yoga can help you ease your back pain and avoid you having to endure future pain.  Yoga poses stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body which can release the pain you are feeling.  If you’re already practicing yoga but you’re looking for a mat to protect your back during practice, check out our range of eco-friendly yoga mats.  No more bad back, freedom to move and a gradual build-up of core strength.  Note: MatMat advises that...

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Yoga for Climbers: Take Climbing to New Heights

Yoga for climbers might seem like a strange activity at first glance. When you break it down, it soon becomes clear why yoga can help your climbing activities reach new goals. Whether you are freeclimbing or indoor rock climbing, signing up to the next local yoga class might be beneficial. The article unpacks why yoga improves your climbing performance. Need a yoga mat? Yoga and Climbing – Sports for Physical Discipline At the core of both yoga and climbing is physical discipline. As climbers commit to becoming stronger to improve their climbing, this is tough on the body and can easily result in injuries.  This is exactly where yoga can help. Yoga gives you a strong core and good flexibility that can help your climbing...

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Yoga Goals: 5 Tips for Tracking Yoga Progress

A lot of our yogis often ask us the best way to track their yoga progress. This quick guide gives you 5 simple ways you can keep an eye on your yoga goals, whether that is to improve your balance, work on stretches for flexibility or strengthen your core muscles. However, we must remember that yoga is a personal journey and each of our goals will vary from one person to the next. There is no need to compare yourself to any other yogi and building up daily yoga practices, for whatever reason, takes time. Though our yoga training and goals may vary, there are some simple ways that we have found that help us to monitor the success, improvement,...

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Our Planet: The Netflix Series that will Change Your Life

Netflix latest documentary release has us completely gripped: Our Planet, a natural world documentary series produced by the makers of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, has a strong warning for humans’ environmental impact. David Attenborough has once again contributed a magical narration to, quite honestly, the most beautiful nature footage that has ever been produced. If you’re looking for a suggestion on Netflix documentaries, then check out this new David Attenborough series on nature, environmental protection and climate change. A Natural World Masterpiece In stunning HD footage, which captures the details of life down to the finest hair, Our Planet is a masterpiece that shows us endangered species from every corner of the planet. From the turquoise glow of the upside-down world in the...

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